About Project Africa

What is Project Africa?

Project Africa is a charity set up to build sustainable football pitches for communities across Africa who desperately need it. The philosophy of the charity centres around the real-life experiences of Max, Leendert, Andi. Having all played football from a young age in Europe, they had the chance to play on grass pitches from a very early age, making football enjoyable and as safe as possible. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for children in most parts of Africa. There is a distinct lack of adequate playing surfaces, equipment and coaches. This is why Project Africa was created; to give opportunities to communities that need them the most.

Project Africa doesn't just aim to build these pitches for the development of young players in Africa, but they aim to give kids in the community a chance to go and have fun no matter their level of skill. Project Africa's goal is to allow organisations and charities all over Africa the chance to teach children vital life skills whilst training them on the football pitch; to teach them things that may get overlooked in school - from tying shoelaces to COVID awareness to gender equality. We are building these pitches to give children a chance at a better future, inside and outside of football.


Max Keens

Founder and Chair

Andreas Schobersberger


Leendert Coene

Head of Strategic Development

Alan McLean

Head of Technology Operations