Sponsors & Partnerships


Green-Kenya is a sport for development organization. We are the leaders in Sport for development in Climate action working in challenging environment in Africa

Mbarara Sports Academy

Mbarara Sports Academy is a community focused initiative that uses sport to find creative solutions to the most pressing challenges in life most especially education. We train children and young people in football and life skills and then identify schools that give sports scholarships to our participants

Umoja Sports Foundation

Umoja Sport Foundation (USF) aims to trigger the development of target communities by equipping students and out of school youth, as well as empowering women who have not previously had access to quality education. 

Football Without Borders

Football With Borders (FWB) Kenya uses football to teach the youth of Kisii vital educational tools including Gender Awareness, Agriculture, Community Development and Health.

Football Without Borders Kenya's "Theory of Change" is based on the premise that concrete positive changes in a young person's behaviour, activity or situation are dependent on changes in their perspective and perception of themselves and others.

Vijana Amani Pamoja

Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) uses the power and the spirit of sports as a tool for social and economic development. Founded in 2008, VAP has grown from a small scale football-based life skills initiative; to an internationally respected non-profit that aims to encourage healthy, active and economically stable lifestyles among Kenyan youth and vulnerable populations.