Kisii, Kenya

Football Without Borders Kenya is a charity based out of Kisii, Western Kenya. Headed by George Osoya, FWB uses football to teach the youth of Kisii vital educational tools including Gender Awareness, Agriculture, Community Development and Health. 

Football Without Borders Kenya's "Theory of Change" is based on the premise that concrete positive changes in a young person's behaviour, activity or situation are dependent on changes in their perspective and perception of themselves and others.

The popularity of sports, particularly football in Africa encourages cultural unity, social cohesion (amongst youth of diverse tribal backgrounds) and self empowerment of the youth which can be used as a force for good.

With the pitch we provide, George and FWB will be able to give the kids of Kisii a safe space to play football, learn and grow. It’s not about finding the next superstar, but to give the youth every opportunity to be whoever they dream of being. The pitch will bring kids from all over Kisii, from all eight zones that FWB supports and also the potential of being home pitch to two Kenyan 2nd division football teams. 

The pitch will take around four months to build, costing in excess of $4,000. From grading the land, flattening, planting the right fertiliser, building a secure fence to watering, we are expecting this pitch to be ready for use around June 2024. We can’t wait to see what George and his agricultural background can achieve and see how many kids in the community can benefit from having a safe space to play football, learn and grow.

Fun fact: FWB teaches agricultural lessons during the games by asking the team an agricultural question after they have scored. They score bonus points if they answer the question correctly.